OUR MEMBERS is the Belgian Network for Radiation Applications in Healthcare. It groups members with healthcare applications of radiation as their core business as well as members with related activities such as education and training, isotope transport, software development, architecture or consulting services. thus supports the worldwide development of a sector in which our country is a world leader. is more than willing to bring additional support to any foreign entity, private or public, that is seeking help in entering the domain of healthcare applications of nuclear science and technology.


SCK•CEN has been building reactors and developing its applications since 1954. It is a major producer of 99Mo and tens of other radionuclides for potential healthcare applications.
The processing of bulk radionuclides and radiochemical products is part of the expertise of IRE, with major productions of 131I and 99Mo used around the world.
IBA provides turnkey solutions for radiopharmaceutical manufacturing centres, including cyclotrons and pharmaceutical grade nuclear medicine product preparation. IBA also provides fully equipped proton therapy centres.
The major universities, university hospitals and research centres initiate spin-offs that develop new concepts which lead to successful industrialization or clinical practice.
Small and mid-size member companies provide state of the art radiopharmaceutical and radiochemical products, among which 188Re and 68Ga generators, medical imaging equipment and new theranostics, to name only a few, all in full respect of the pharmaceutical and nuclear safety regulations.


Other activities are being developed in Belgium with the support of expertise related to specialized niches: transport of radioactive substances, waste management, architecture, dedicated software development, specialized consultants…. These structures and companies play the important role of linking to one another the different actors in the chain from production to clinical application companies. They also play an important role by interconnecting with the non-nuclear industry, mainly pharmaceutical companies and hospitals but also with authorities such as in healthcare, transport and customs at the national and international levels.


The expertise available in universities, research or clinical centres and companies is shared through different academic and industrial, short and long-term education and training programs.
The universities and research centres have strong links with university hospitals, nuclear medicine and radiopharmacy departments, providing the perfect working environment to learn. Besides that, most of the academic research centres have open positions for doctoral and post-doctoral research.
Industries are more oriented towards specific technical programs related to their equipment and can provide on-site training.
Several other members are providing training programs covering aspects of radioactivity in healthcare such as basic notions of GMP, nuclear safety, clinical trials, transport regulations or software usage ….
All of these education and training programs are oriented to different target groups, allowing them to cover the entire value chain present in Belgium.



Industries producing radiopharmaceuticals, companies manufacturing equipment, and the associated medical applications centres all benefit from the support of centralised associations.
Associations or networks such as Belnuc, BioWin or BHTC are very active in Belgium.
A few European Associations of interest to, such as AIPES, EITA, EORTC or ECSA have their headquarters located in Belgium.
The Oncidium Foundation promotes the development of radiotherapeutics and radiotheranostics through the dissemination of reliable and complete information for patients.