the Belgian Network for Radiation Applications in Healthcare covers science & technology expertise and services. Thanks to the diversity and the important number of actors, Belgium is offering a full range of products and services for nuclear applications in healthcare:

  • Education and training: From specific technical programs covering the entire value chain (GMP concepts, nuclear safety, clinical trials, transport, regulatory, etc.) to standard educational programs with high-level university grades (masters or PhDs) within the perfect working environment to learn.
  • Research & Development activities: Conduct of many R&D programs within the main universities in Belgium, from basic research to (pre)clinical trials, in coordination with public and private R&D centres, hospitals and other fully equipped platforms.
  • Development and production of radionuclides: Long history in the production of different radionuclides used worldwide, but also R&D activities related to radiation protection, radioactive waste handling, development of new radionuclides, etc.
  • Development and manufacturing of radiopharmaceuticals: Expertise for the processing of bulk radionuclides and the manufacturing of radiopharmaceutical products with the development of generators, cold kits or injection solutions, development of turnkey solutions for radiopharmacy centres.
  • Expertise in preclinical and clinical trials: Conduct of many preclinical and clinical trials up to phase III trials in various Belgian clinical centres or hospitals, with the help of R&D centres and European associations.
  • Proton therapy solutions: Long history and expertise in cyclotron manufacturing, complete building solutions for the development of a proton therapy centres, etc.
  • Imaging: R&D activities but also cameras and services developed to conduct multimodal preclinical and clinical research, from molecule to human.
  • Related services: Many companies with the expertise to complete the whole value chain by developing software solutions, activities related to specialized transport, nuclear safety and security, packaging, waste management, regulatory framework, architecture, market studies etc.

The full list of members will be back online shortly

Belgium, a country at the very heart of Europe

Location and Logistics are key factors for success in the field of radiation applications in Healthcare.
Belgium, ideally located between Northern and Southern Europe is neighbour to France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Its small size – around 30,000 km2 – allows for rapid internal communication thanks to its efficient motorway system. The 5 airports (including the Brussels international airport – the ideal hub for isotope transport) put the region less than two hours from most European destinations. The high-speed train lines spanning the country with 3,000 km of electrified tracks also places its major cities (Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Liège and Namur) within a 2-hour proximity to Paris, London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt.